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Advancing vaccines through out-licensing

Our Avacc vaccine candidates are available for continued development and commercialization via out-licensing, thereby advancing public health goals. Licensees are granted permission to use our vaccine technology, intellectual property, and/or manufacturing process under a tailored contractual agreement.

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Additionally, our vaccine production platforms can be out-licensed. The underlying technologies are Intravacc intellectual property protected by a strong patent portfolio.

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Licensing offers several advantages:

  • Accelerated development: working together on vaccine development, we speed up the process.
  • Cost sharing: sharing the financial burden of research and development makes vaccine development more financially viable.
  • Leveraging expertise: merging the expertise of different organizations fosters innovation and increases the chances of success.
  • Wider access: multiple licensees can manufacture and distribute a vaccine, increasing its availability, especially in underserved regions.
  • Global impact: licensing promotes international cooperation, facilitating the production of vaccines that address global health challenges.
  • Risk mitigation: licensing spreads the risk of vaccine development among various parties.
  • Technology transfer: knowledge sharing and technology transfer can benefit local manufacturing capacity and scientific expertise.

Forging a better future

At Intravacc, we believe in promoting collaboration, efficiency, and broader access to life-saving vaccines. We consider our licensing partnerships a crucial strategy in global public health efforts.

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