Analytical method development

Quality is a core element of our operations at Intravacc. Thus, we have specialist teams to ensure the high quality and stability of our vaccines. Using state-of-the-art analytical techniques, they develop, improve, and validate characterization and quality control tests for vaccine products, intermediates, seed lots, and starting materials.

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State-of-the-art equipment 

With state-of-the-art instruments, such as LC-MS, NMR, HPLC and GC systems, biosensor and qPCR instruments at their disposal, our experienced staff develop analytical methods for existing and newly developed vaccines. We perform method development, including GMP-compliant method validation, stability studies, and consistency in production.

Antigen characterization

We have expertise in biophysical and immunochemical analyses to evaluate the primary protein sequences, chemical modifications, higher-order structures, and stability of antigens, as well as the accessibility of immune-dominant epitopes. The antigens we work with are highly diverse, from purified live-attenuated and inactivated viruses to toxoids, Outer Membrane Vesicles, subunit vaccines, and conjugated antigens.

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Immune response characterization

We carefully characterize the immunological response to a vaccine by examining humoral and cellular responses in samples from pre-clinical experiments. We focus on assays for T cell activation and use virus neutralization tests and serum bactericidal assays to determine neutralizing antibodies.

Test development

Every aspect relevant to the efficacy and safety of a vaccine must be meticulously evaluated with fit-for-purpose assays. We develop tests to detect impurities, such as lipopolysaccharides, host cell DNA and proteins, and to assess product yield and the presence of excipients and adjuvants.

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Analytical Method-Development 05

Assay development and validation

Choosing the right assays to determine manufacturing consistency and product parameters are essential to the quality, potency, and safety specifications of a vaccine. Intravacc has a proven track record in establishing validated quality control methods according to ICH guidelines.  We provide all aspects of assay development and validation and method transfer. Furthermore, when part of a GMP campaign, the assays can support an IMPD filing.

What can you expect from our analytical services? 

  • GDevP and GMP method development to define quality attributes (QAs) and critical process parameters (CPPs)
  • Analysis of viral (inactivated and live-attenuated), bacterial (toxoids, whole-cell, and OMV), subunit, and conjugate vaccines
  • Rapid identification and quantification of vaccine products and process impurities
  • First-in-class mass spectrometry
  • Extensive spectroscopic and chromatographic tools
  • Complete immune and biochemical toolbox 
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