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Intellectual property excellence and knowledge sharing strategy

At Intravacc, our expertise in vaccine composition and production processes is unparalleled. We continually expand our know-how in this highly competitive field through in-house excellence and knowledge sharing.

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A global and future-proof strategy

To safeguard our innovations and maintain our technological competitive edge, we employ three distinct strategies: 

  • Findings publication: We share our research findings through publications, attracting potential partners in collaborations that acknowledge our expertise. 
  • Trade Secrets: Certain technologies, like our proprietary N. meningitis medium, are kept confidential as valuable trade secrets. Some in-house knowledge is difficult to patent but constitute commercially sensitive information that is important to safeguard. 
  • Patent Protection: We file for patents to secure a 20-year monopoly on ground-breaking technologies. This approach is a gold standard, ensuring freedom to operate and a significant commercial advantage. Our patent portfolio encompasses EU filings plus a global strategy tailored to major markets such as the USA, Canada, India, Japan, China, and Brazil. We focus on protecting our knowledge where it matters most.

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