Eco Vacc head Technology: well-established and synergistic

The Escherichia coli expression system is routinely used in the production of proteins that require no eukaryotic post-translational modifications. As an expression system, E. coli cultures are well-established, with time-tested growth and optimal performance in the production of antigens.

Our Technology is a synergystic tool in the production of recombinant proteins as vaccine components that can also be combined with the OMV-Vacc or Con-Vacc platforms to develop novel and effective vaccine candidates.

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  • is a well-established bacterial expression system for the production of targeted proteins that can be combined with OMV-Vacc or Con-Vacc.
  • A fast, cost-effective, and robust platform for recombinant protein production that is used globally in vaccine manufacturing.
  • Freedom to operate for certain applications.

Application areas 

  • Production of proteins of any kind
  • Infectious diseases

The advantages of are clear:

Speed: A fast, cost-effective, and versatile production platform. 

Reliability: Robust and high-productivity expression of recombinant proteins. 

Access: A universally used antigen production system.

Relevant: Applied to protein expression for vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases.

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Case study: an immunotherapy for solid tumors 

We are working with Cimcure to develop a unique cancer vaccine that targets blood vessels supplying solid cancers and thus prevents tumor growth. Building on our technology, the vaccine candidate inhibits angiogenesis by eliciting an immune response against extracellular vimentin secreted by tumor endothelial cells.

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