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Cell-Vacc technology: globally used and reliable

Our cell-based vaccine production platform offers a solid and reliable foundation for innovative vaccines for infectious diseases and oncolytic applications and is anchored by our Vero GMP cell line.

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Cell-Vacc at a glance 


  • Cell-Vacc is a cell-based platform used since 1987 by Intravacc (and its predecessors) to develop viral vaccines using the Vero cell line.
  • Can be used for oncolytic, live-attenuated, and inactivated viral vaccines, as well as vector vaccines.
  • Viral vaccine platforms are used globally for routine, small-, and large-scale manufacturing.
  • Features patented technology.

Application areas

  • Infectious diseases
  • Oncology
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Vero Cells: A legacy of excellence

Vero cells, initially isolated and immortalized from the kidney of an African Green Monkey in the early 1960s, have evolved into the gold standard for viral vaccine production. They are renowned for their exceptional quality, yield, and safety. 

An established and versatile cell-based platform 

Intravacc has harnessed Vero cells for viral vaccine development since 1987. Our cGMP-grade, regulatory-approved Vero cell line forms the backbone of our viral vaccine production process. Clients worldwide rely on this platform for large-scale commercial vaccine manufacturing. Notably, we have successfully produced virus seed lots and clinical batches on Vero cells, including multiple generations of poliovirus, non-polio enteroviruses like EV71 and EV D68, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

We’ve established the Vero cell platform for viral vaccine production processes at lab and pilot scales, facilitating rapid proof-of-concept development. Moreover, the platform is fully scalable, with Vero cells cultured on microcarriers in bioreactors, making them ideal for larger-scale production. We also employ downstream processes (DSP) to ensure vaccine purity through, for example, host cell protein removal. Finally, we provide 'ready to use' cGMP-grade cell banks and comprehensive technology transfer packages for immediate project initiation. Currently, most of our viral vaccine development projects are built on the Vero cell platform.

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Complementarity and expertise

With the Vero cell line at our disposal, Intravacc has the capability to propagate a wide range of viruses, whether from clinical isolates or through virus rescue from plasmid DNA. Our commitment to scientific excellence and rigorous standards ensures that our cell-based vaccine production platform is a dependable resource for effective vaccine development.

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