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Enabling Tech Transfer of B. pertussis OMV Technology to our Partner Chonquing Zhifei Biological Products

In June, we successfully facilitated a Tech Transfer of “B. pertussis Outer Membrane Vesicle technology” to our colleagues from Zhifei at our laboratories in Bilthoven. This tech transfer is a testament to the strong relationship we built over the years with the Zhifei company and its employees.

After the personal introductions and a safety and regulations briefing, we started with the actual Tech Transfer. Our goal was to seamlessly transfer our advanced B. pertussis OMV technology to our customer, enabling them to combat whooping cough more effectively by producing effective vaccines for the Chinese market. All steps of the process were meticulously planned, presented and documented to make it a very effective transfer of technology. We started with the Up Stream Processing amongst which were the preparations, adaption and seeds, production culture and finally the harvesting. Then we progressed to the Down Stream Processing like, buffer preparations, various filtration techniques and as well as clarification and purification. We proceeded with the analytics like qCPR, densitometry, gas chromatography, ELISA and mass spectrometry before closing up with an extensive post-training evaluation.

We want to extend our gratitude to our the Intravacc team for preparing and hosting this tech Transfer, and also to our dedicated guests who worked tirelessly to make this Tech Transfer a success. Their expertise and commitment to the project have made a significant impact in the field of vaccine development.

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