Intravacc’s Upstream Processing (USP) expertise covers both bacterial and cell cultivation as well as virus propagation in flasks and bioreactors ranging from 1L up to 200L. All the processes are optimized and characterized and are fully scalable. Furthermore, our extensive experience in culturing adherent cells on micro carriers from lab to production-scale and molecular techniques can complement your vaccine concept.


Client-dedicated process facilities

Our client-dedicated process development facilities for longer term development and characterization programs allow us to offer focused and customized support to your program. Therefore, we can provide you with a cost-efficient and robust development process. From cell and seedlot banking to medium design, fed-batch, batch or continuous cultures in order to increase the yield and viability of the respective vaccine culture.




We have the following tools available:

  • Cell and seedlot banking
  • Medium design
  • Shake flasks
  • Bioreactors 1-200 L volume (glass, stainless steel or disposable)
  • Batch, Fed-batch and continuous cultures
  • Suspension and adherent cell lines using single-use technologies
  • High cell density and product titer cultures
  • Industry standard production platforms



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