Efficiency is the key for a good downstream process to obtain a consistently pure and high-quality product while recovering as much target antigen as possible. Intravacc’s downstream processing (DSP) expertise encompasses all technologies required to process biological substances in order to obtain a pure and stable vaccine or drug substance.


From filtration (NFF/TFF), gradient centrifugation and ultracentrifugation, and selective precipitation to chromatographic separations and viral inactivation – the best and most cost effective methods are available to support development, intensification or improvements from lab to pilot-scale and beyond. In addition, our experience in process development for protein, membrane and viral products enables us to maximize the product recovery using our adaptive platforms.

  •  Adaption of state-of-the-art bioprocess purification processes
  •  Many different filtration techniques
  • (Ultra)centrifugation
  •  Recombinant and wild-type viruses (enveloped and non- enveloped)
  •  Size exclusion and affinity chromatography
  •  Process intermediate stability studies
  •  Polysaccharide purification for conjugate vaccines
  •  OMV and Protein purification



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