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OMV-Vacc technology. A versatile new vaccine platform

Truly exceptional among our vaccine platforms is our OMV-Vacc technology. Outer Membrane Vesicles or OMVs have been explored for vaccines since the 1980s and our experience manipulating and optimizing these membrane particles to generate effective and safe vaccines extends back over a decade. We have a number of vaccine candidates that build on this technology, which offers numerous advantages over alternative platforms, both in terms of product performance and manufacturing.

Benchmarking OMV-Vacc against other vaccine platforms

What are OMVs exactly?

OMVs are 20-200 nm spherical particles that are naturally released by Gram-negative bacteria. They harbor many bacterial antigens and can be modified to display disease-specific antigens while increasing the safety of these vesicles by detoxification of LPS. These modified OMV have proven to be safe and intrinsically capable of stimulating both innate and adaptive immunity.

Currently, vaccine candidates are developed in one of three different modes:

  • Homologous OMVs, which are isolated directly from the disease pathogen.
  • Heterologous OMVs that are designed to display disease-specific antigens.
  • Click/Mix OMVs, which contain externally added immunogenic peptides and/or proteins that can either by mixed with or linked to the OMV to drive an effective adaptive immunity.

The history and evolution of OMV technology

The performance and safety of OMV-Vacc as a platform for vaccines is well documented. Human studies conducted by others have shown that OMVs are safe for both intramuscular and intranasal immunization. Research and development at Intravacc have led to over 80 scientific publications and nine patents. Our own investigations using OMV-Vacc span the completion of four pre-clinical candidates of which one is currently being tested in a phase I clinical study.

A snapshot of OMVs history

OMV-Vacc and our CDMO services address vaccine development challenges

  • Efficient use of materials and equipment: OMV-based vaccines reduce reagent and equipment use, like bacterial culture media and standard flow filters. 
  • Expert handling of process complexity: Our CDMO experts easily guide you through the creation of a new OMV, process optimization, stability, and standard monitoring assay development. 
  • Scalable manufacturing capacity: With over 10 years producing industrial OMV Clinical Trial Materials (CTM) in scales from 0.5 to 5 L, we offer the infrastructure and knowledge to achieve high yields in batch production for clinical studies.

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