upstream head
upstream head

Upstream processing (USP)

Intravacc’s expertise in upstream processing covers fully characterized, optimized, and scalable viral propagation and cultivation of bacterial and eukaryotic cells in flasks and bioreactors of up to 200 L. Our team is also experienced in advanced molecular techniques and adherent cell culture on microcarriers at various scales, thereby covering a broad range of techniques to realize any vaccine concept.

Process Development 01

Client-dedicated process facilities

Our process development facilities are designed to accommodate dedicated long-term development and characterization programs. With focused and customized support, we create a cost-efficient and robust development process. From cell and seed lot banking to medium design, batch, fed-batch, or continuous cultures, our goal is to increase the yield and viability of your vaccine culture.

Key features of our services and facilities include:

  • Top-of-the-line cell culture equipment
  • Adherent and suspension cell lines
  • High-throughput process development (DoE)
  • Scales from 5 mL up to 200 L 
  • Glass, stainless steel, and single-use bioreactors

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