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Optimal formulations for effective vaccines

Vaccines generally combine components to achieve high bioavailability and bioactivity while eliciting a desired type and degree of immune stimulation. In the final formulation, secondary ingredients are included for transport stability and shelf-life.

The primary focus of optimal formulation development at Intravacc is the seamless alignment with a vaccine’s intended administration route. Thus, our formulations are not only remarkably stable throughout storage life, but also perfectly suited for the method of delivery. Finally, the formulation is thoroughly tested in accelerated, real-time, and in-use stability studies. These studies are conducted with a careful selection of assays that characterize the performance and longevity of the formulation and, thus, warrant the vaccine’s potency and effectiveness from production to administration.

We offer high-throughput strategies combined with a design of experiments (DoE) approach for rapid identification of vaccine formulations. When optimizing liquid formulations and lyophilization processes, we provide insights into vaccine stability via accelerated and real-time programs. In addition, the (in-use) stability of your vaccine can be assessed for a wide range of delivery routes and dosage forms.

Alternative administration routes

The delivery route can be pivotal for the efficacy of a vaccine. Therefore, our experts are working on products and processes for alternative routes of administration beyond intramuscular injection, such as intranasal or mucosal sprays.

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Highlight: we are leaders in the development of intranasal vaccines

As a vaccination strategy, delivering antigen to the site of infection, in this case to the upper airways, has advantages:

  • Mounting mucosal immunity in the respiratory tract 
  • Secretion of IgA in the mucosa of the upper airways enables effective neutralization of the virus or bacterium 
  • Lower shedding 
  • Activation of resident memory B and T cells in the respiratory mucosa elicits a quicker response 
  • The response can block subsequent infection


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What can you expect from our formulation services?

  • Short lead times
  • All types of vaccine administration
  • Accelerated and real-time stability plans supporting pre-clinical and clinical programs 
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