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Scientific publications

Common Reference-Based Tandem Mass Tag Multiplexing for the Relative Quantification of Peptides: Design and Application to Degradome Analysis of Diphtheria Toxoid

Thomas J M Michiels, Madelief A van Veen, Hugo D Meiring, Wim Jiskoot, Gideon F A Kersten, Bernard Metz


Vaccination with meningococcal outer membrane vesicles carrying Borrelia OspA protects against experimental Lyme borreliosis

M J Klouwens, M L M Salverda, J J Trentelman, J I Ersoz, A Wagemakers, M J H Gerritzen, P A van der Ley, J W Hovius

Describing the pre-clinical data of the candidate Lyme vaccine based on Intravacc’s OMV platform, this study shows that OMV’s expressing Borrelia (lipo)proteins is a promising vaccine concept that might lead to protecting humans against Lyme disease. Currently, no vaccine against Lyme disease, the fastest growing and most common tick-borne illness in North America and Europe, is available for humans. Antibiotics are the primary treatment and are usually successful, but only when given in time. A vaccine would limit the use of antibiotics and the potential rise of antibiotic resistance. For more information, see also our press release  


Safety and immunogenicity of a synthetic carbohydrate conjugate vaccine against Shigella flexneri 2a in healthy adult volunteers: a phase 1, dose-escalating, single-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study

Dani Cohen , Jacob Atsmon, Cécile Artaud, Shiri Meron-Sudai, Marie-Lise Gougeon, Anya Bialik, Sophy Goren, Valeria Asato, Ortal Ariel-Cohen, Arava Reizis, Alexandra Dorman, Carla W G Hoitink, Janny Westdijk, Shai Ashkenazi, Philippe Sansonetti, Laurence A Mulard, Armelle Phalipon

The results of a clinical study with an experimental vaccine against Shigella, intestinal bacteria that cause severe diarrhea and dysentery. The paper was authored by a team of researchers and clinicians at Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Institut Pasteur, Ariel University and Intravacc. The clinical study in healthy adults shows that the vaccine is well tolerated and immunogenic. Intravacc developed a production process for this conjugate vaccine, manufactured the GMP batch and did stability testing and batch release. For more information, see also our press release  


Degradomics-Based Analysis of Tetanus Toxoids as a Quality Control Assay

Thomas J. M. Michiels, Wichard Tilstra, Martin R J Hamzink, Justin W de Ridder, Maarten Danial, Hugo D Meiring, Gideon F A Kersten, Wim Jiskoot, Bernard Metz


Shortening the Lipid A Acyl Chains of Bordetella pertussis Enables Depletion of Lipopolysaccharide Endotoxic Activity

Jesús Arenas, Elder Pupo, Coen Phielix, Dionne David, Afshin Zariri, Alla Zamyatina, Jan Tommassen, Peter van der Ley


Novel Formaldehyde-Induced Modifications of Lysine Residue Pairs in Peptides and Proteins: Identification and Relevance to Vaccine Development

Thomas J. M. Michiels, Christian Schöneich, Martin R J Hamzink, Hugo D Meiring, Gideon F A Kersten, Wim Jiskoot, Bernard Metz


First-in-human administration of a live-attenuated RSV vaccine lacking the G-protein assessing safety, tolerability, shedding and immunogenicity: a randomized controlled trial

Pauline Verdijk , Johan L van der Plas, Emilie M J van Brummelen, Rienk E Jeeninga, Cornelis A M de Haan, Meta Roestenberg, Jacobus Burggraaf , Ingrid M C Kamerling


Formaldehyde treatment of proteins enhances proteolytic degradation by the endo-lysosomal protease cathepsin S

Thomas J M Michiels, Hugo D Meiring, Wim Jiskoot, Gideon F A Kersten, Bernard Metz

A great number of laboratory animals are still being used all over the world for the quality control of vaccines. This also applies for tetanus and diphtheria vaccines, both consisting of bacterial toxins inactivated by formaldehyde. This inactivation largely determines the quality of these vaccines. Researchers from Intravacc and LACDR have been searching for a test that reduces the use of laboratory animals. For more information, see our press release 


Prevalent levels of RSV serum neutralizing antibodies in healthy adults outside the RSV-season

Johan L Van Der Plas, Pauline Verdijk, Emilie M J Van Brummelen, Rienk E Jeeninga, Meta Roestenberg, Jacobus Burggraaf, Ingrid M C Kamerling


Slc22a5 haploinsufficiency does not aggravate the phenotype of the long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase KO mouse

Pablo Ranea-Robles  , Chunli Yu, Naomi van Vlies, Frédéric M Vaz, Sander M Houten