Intravacc’s cell based platform consists of our Vero cell line and our recently in-licensed HEK293 cell line.


Vero cells

Intravacc has developed viral vaccines using the Vero cell line since 1987.


What are Vero cells?

In the early 1960s Vero cells were isolated and immortalized from the kidney of an African Green Monkey. Currently, the Vero cell line is the most widely used and most reliable cell line in viral vaccine production in terms of quality, yield and safety.

Intravacc’s Vero cell line

Intravacc’s viral vaccine production process is based on a cGMP-grade, regulatory approved, Vero cell line. This platform is being used for routine large-scale commercial vaccine manufacturing by clients world-wide. In addition, we have produced virus seed lots and clinical batches on the Vero cells, including Poliovirus, Enterovirus (EV71), and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).


Vero cell platform

Intravacc has established its Vero cell platform for viral vaccine production processes at both lab and pilot scale to enable a fast-track proof-of-concept. In addition, the process is fully scalable. The Vero cells grow on microcarriers in a controlled manner in bioreactors and can be used for virus production.

Besides this, Intravacc has several downstream processes (DSP) in place to purify the vaccine, for instance for the removal of host cell proteins. There are ‘ready to use’ cGMP-grade cell banks available, enabling partners to start their project immediately. We also offer a full technology transfer package.

Currently, most viral projects at Intravacc are based on the Vero cell platform.

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HEK293 cells

Recently, Intravacc in-licensed a HEK293 cell line for the production of vaccines. This HEK293 cell line is cGMP grade and grows in suspension.

Together with the Vero cell line Intravacc can propagate many viruses, either from a clinical isolate or through virus rescue of plasmid DNA.



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