The iBoost technology is a new addition to Intravacc’s platform portfolio. Intravacc has in-licensed CimCure’s iBoost technology for oncological vaccines since October 2020.


What are oncological vaccines?

There are two types of cancer vaccines: the ones that prevent cancer (targeting viruses that cause cancer, for example the HPV vaccine); and therapeutic vaccines, that are aimed to boost the immune system so that it can fight the cancer antigens. The iBoost technology belongs to the latter category.


How does iBoost technology work?

CimCure’s iBoost technology, first developed at Amsterdam UMC, uses a novel approach in developing an oncological vaccine. It induces antibodies against a specific target molecule on the tumor blood vessels, thereby cutting off the blood supply to the tumor cells, who will then die off. This strategy conquers the problem of drug resistance that many oncological therapeutics face.

The platform consists of a truncated thioredoxin protein fused to a specific “self” antigen. iBoost has shown proof-of-concept in preclinical studies, is efficient and safe, widely applicable, fast and cost-effective. The knowhow has been captured in 4 publications by CimCure and a patent.


Can iBoost technology be used in other vaccines?

The iBoost platform technology opens up many exciting opportunities for other vaccines, as well. In 2020, Intravacc and Cimcure started the joint development of a COVID-19 vaccine based on the iBoost technology.

Press release: Intravacc to in-license CimCure’s iBoost technology


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