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Intravacc collaborates with universities, government institutions, biotech and pharma companies world-wide. We aims to (co-)develop promising leads further along the vaccine development chain. We are specialized in taking innovative vaccine concepts and tailor made solutions.

At our facilities we can handle many different vaccines platforms and produce custom made GMP grade pilot lots to support your phase I or II clinical trials. Currently we have active partnerships ongoing with biotech, and government organizations. Together with our partners we also participate in writing grant applications for vaccine concepts and clinical studies. Currently we have several grant sponsored projects running.

At Intravacc we offer non-exclusive partnering opportunities for several have several proprietary technologies, including:

  • OMV technology
  • Verocell technology
  • Boost technology
  • LPS and conjugation
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Our partners


Therapyx, based in Buffalo, NY, is a privately held development-stage biotechnology company committed to innovating our industry and changing the future of pharmaceuticals by engaging in the discovery and development of microparticulate immune therapeutics to treat infectious disease, immune-mediated inflammatory disorders and cancer. Intravacc, collaborates with Therapyx, to further develop and optimize the world's first prophylactic vaccine against gonorrhea, NGoXIM. NGoXIM is a microsphere vaccine with encapsulated interleukin-12 (IL-12) and outer bacterial membrane vesicles from Neisseria gonorrhoeae, developed with Intravacc's OMV platform. This vaccine therefore consists of a combination of adjuvant and antigen, specifically designed for mucosal immunization. In this collaboration, the parties will focus on enhancing and optimizing the specific adaptive immune response in non-human primates as a prelude to testing in humans. This should ultimately lead to a vaccine that provides lasting protection against infection with the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria.


Celonic, a Basel based CDMO that has industry leading biologics development platforms and flexible GMP manufacturing services in the field of protein, antibody and cell & gene therapy. For this specific joint vaccine development, Intravacc combines its safe and immunogenic OMV delivery platform with S-proteins expressed by Celonic Group’s industry-leading CHOvolution® mammalian cell expression sytem, in order to generate a highly effective and balanced B and T cell response against SARS-CoV-2. Swiss based Celonic Group will construct cell lines producing the S-protein in high quantities and develop a GMP production process.


EpiVax is a 22-year old privately-held biotechnology company located in Providence, RI, USA, with a broad portfolio of projects including vaccines and immunotherapies for infectious diseases, autoimmunity and cancer. Scientists at EpiVax, led by co-founders Annie De Groot, MD and Bill Martin, have a strong history of developing and applying innovative approaches to improving vaccines and biologics, making the former more immunogenic and the latter less immunogenic using their advanced immunoinformatic tools. In the collaboration, Intravacc will combine its safe and immunogenic OMV delivery platform with synthetically produced COVID-19 epitopes (protein allergens), designed and optimized by EpiVax using advanced immunoinformatics tools, in order to generate a safe and highly effective T-cell response against SARS-CoV-2 and related coronaviruses. Intravacc and Epivax are also working on several other undisclosed targets.


Versatope Therapeutics, Inc., is a start-up biotechnology company located in Lowell, Mass. at the University of Massachusetts' M2D2 biotech incubator. Intravacc and Versatope are collaborating in order to develop a universal influenza vaccine based on OMV technology. Under the alliance, Intravacc will provide its services to Versatope in bringing their universal influenza vaccine candidate, VT-105, towards their first clinical trials. Versatope’s approach combines diverse genetic variants of influenza strains on a single nano-sized OMV that may provide better cross-strain protection than influenza vaccines comprised of individual strains.

Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology CO., Ltd, (CDBIO) is a leading company in the area of human vaccines and related products and technologies in the People’s Republic of China. CDBIO has an ongoing collaboration with Intravacc to further develop a vaccine against Meningococcal type B based on Intravacc’s proprietary Nonamen® vaccine technology. Both parties will collaborate to tailor the Nonamen® concept for the Chinese market. Following the successful completion of this phase, CDBIO will receive a license to further develop and commercialize the vaccine.


CimCure is a new generation company founded in 2015, as a spin-off of the VU University Medical Center. CimCure focuses on design and development of a novel class of active cancer vaccines targeting the tumor blood vessels that are common to most solid tumors. The company has discovered and patented multiple highly specific targets and a novel conjugate vaccine technology that can be employed to induce polyclonal antibody responses to targets specific to the tumor (vasculature). The collaboration with CimCure offers Intravacc access to this technology in developing new vaccines and for providing services involving the in-licensed technique in mutually agreed countries. This technology also enables Intravacc to expand its translational expertise towards the development of cancer vaccines.



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