Meet the new Business Development Team

We are excited to announce the new Business Development & Marketing team at Intravacc. The Team is comprised of experienced professionals who are dedicated to supporting the success of your projects and collaborations.

Robert van der Put, MSc, has been with Intravacc for many years and has an extensive understanding of conjugate vaccines. Click here to connect with Robert.

Gaurav Kanojia, PhD, has worked as a project manager at Intravacc for several years and has a broad experience in partnership and licensing projects. Click here to connect with Gaurav.

Frieda Gerdes, PhD, has worked for more than 20 years in different leading marketing and business development roles in small and large companies. Click here to connect with Frieda.

Sander Hagemans brings over 20 years of marketing experience in in the healthcare industry to the Business Development Team. Click here to connect with Sander.

We believe that our newly established Business Development Team will allow us to provide you with high-quality services and support of your individual vaccine projects from discovery to GMP production for Phase II clinical trial. Would you like to know more about what the team can contribute to your viral, bacterial or conjugate vaccine project? Contact us!

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