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Intravacc Announces Review Publication of OMV-based Intranasal Vaccines for Disease Prevention

Intravacc’s recent research, featured in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Current Opinion in Immunology’ Volume 84 (2023), explores the potential of OMV-based vaccines in mucosal immunization. OMVs, derived from Gram-negative bacteria, demonstrate promise as versatile vaccine candidates. Administered intranasally, they exhibit the capacity to carry diverse antigens from viruses and bacteria, effectively inducing both localized and systemic immunity, as supported by compelling animal trial results. This research also underscores the safety and viability of intranasal vaccine delivery as an alternative to traditional injection methods.

Intravacc’s OMV platform technology, the cornerstone of this research, leverages spherical particles with intrinsic immune-stimulating properties. These particles can be tailored to carry immunogenic peptides and proteins, enhancing the adaptive immune response. The platform’s OMV carrier has undergone meticulous optimization to boost immune reactions against newly introduced antigens. Additionally, genetic tools have been developed to increase OMV production yields, mitigate toxicity, and achieve desired antigenic compositions. This scalable and versatile technology allows for efficient antigen modification, either through genetic manipulation of the bacterial host or antigen association with stored OMVs.

Dr. Jan Groen, Intravacc’s CEO, underscores the organization’s commitment to innovation, highlighting the development of three OMV-based intranasal vaccines aimed at addressing bacterial and viral infections. This reflects the extensive potential of Intravacc’s OMV platform technology, which can also be adapted for therapeutic vaccines, including those for cancer.

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