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Join our effort to reduce
the global burden of
human diseases

Why Choose Intravacc
Intravacc was founded on the belief that an organization can contribute to reduce the burden of human diseases by developing innovative vaccines in the field of infectious diseases and oncology. Today, 40% of childhood vaccines contain know-how and technology developed by Intravacc and its predecessors, going back in history almost 125 years.

Are you interested in becoming part of an innovative community, to learn alongside top scientists, to work with state-of-the art equipment, to get an inside look and contribute to the biotech sector, where industry leaders, government, universities and international non-governmental organizations collaborate, then Intravacc is the place for you.



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Internships at Intravacc are open for students at ‘MBO’ (post-secondary vocational), ‘HBO’ (higher vocational), and University level. Please note that there are currently no internships available at our PCF department.

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