3R Research

What are the 3Rs?

Although animal use in vaccine research and testing cannot always be avoided, much can be done in terms of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement:

  • Replacement aims to use alternative animal models, e.g. cell-culture models or physico-chemical methods.
  • Reduction aims at reducing numbers of animals without violating the relevance of the animal model
  • Refinement refers to reducing pain and distress in animal studies and/or improving animal welfare such as by improving housing conditions.


3R research at Intravacc

At Intravacc we recognize the need for reducing the number of animals used in vaccine development as well as improving their welfare.

Intravacc is one of the leading organizations in global 3R Research: Replace, Reduce and Refine animal use in vaccine development and testing. We have developed several new methods, some of which were accepted by the European Pharmacopoeia.


VAC2VAC project

Intravacc is also a front runner in the development and distribution of a new paradigm in vaccine lot release testing, known as the consistency approach. To promote the implementation of this strategy, we also participate in VAC2VAC, an IMI2-funded European consortium on consistency testing.

Want to know more about this project? Check out the IMI website, and an interview with the VAC2VAC Programme Manager: Safe, potent and consistent vaccine batches – no routine animal testing required


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